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"So Alive" Officially Released!

July 1st marked the release of “So Alive” which is the first original music from the song writing team of Jade Starling and Whey Cooler since “Better aånd Better” went to #3 on the Billboard Club Play Chart in September of 2015.

“So Alive”, is a very special song which was written in 2018. Originally scheduled to be the follow-up to the hugely successful “Fired Up”, its scheduled 2020 release fell victim to the pandemic. As the restrictions began to lift and life began to return to normal, we started to farm out vocal stems for “So Alive” to most of the DJs who had worked on “Fired Up”. The first to return a mix was Seattle’s Larry Peace. He not only delivered a great mix, but had a profound message that accompanied his mix:

“So Alive” is the perfect song for the times we’re living in. Its uplifting message is what the world needs right now.

This gave Starling and Cooler reason to pause and consider the lyrics which describe a deep commitment to someone as a metaphor for simply being intimate again with another human being. To be alive mentally, emotionally and physically! It’s the “Feel Good Anthem” of the Summer 2022!

“So Alive is at once infectious, compelling, and joyful. A brilliant visualization of what it feels like to fall head over heels in love with someone or something."

--------- Featuring amazing remixes by Stonebridge, Chris Cox, Mr Mind, Country Club Martini Crew Sam Gee, Dark Intensity, Bimbo Jones, Larry Peace, Block and Crown, Dominic G, E39 & OKJAMES.



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